After Hours Answering

Meet your shoulders with us

After hours call voice-mail can enable you to meet your customer bolster plan. Numerous iBrainX customers utilize a devoted front office staff to answer phone calls amid typical business hours. Be that as it may, when the receptionists take off for the day customers are dumped into phone message insensibility until the following morning. The present client expects better. Regardless of the possibility that your clients happen to live in your chance zone, the web has made a desire of 24-hour accessibility. With an after hour answering telephone voice-mail for your office, that is precisely what they’ll get. At the point when your staff goes home, we check in, conveying fantastic client benefits until the point when your group is prepared to assume control once more.

Integration with your work

iBrainX partners with businesses 24/7. We support your office front-end extension with our after hours answering service.We respond the inquiries about your business just the way it is. We set your complete business account. Set auto-forwarding and transfer the call at closing time.

We work during your sleeping hours

We take great care of our clients and provide spontaneous after hours services to clients. Our services are not time bound whenever your customers need we are here to provide you the best services ever.We capture you customers around the clock and help you in generating leads.

Who needs an after-hours answering service?

If you have a dedicated person or team to answer your phones during the day, and your call volume is not too great, you may not have a consistent need for a live answering service during the day. But delivering the same level of customer support after hours can be a challenge. Here are some of the things an after-hours telephone answering service can help with:


Come to work in the morning with a full appointment calendar. With after hours live answering, your callers can easily book time with you over the phone, whether you’re open for business or not.


It’s a 24/7 world for e-commerce. Don’t disappoint your customers who want to place an order over the phone. Telephone customer service can help reduce shopping cart abandonment by providing efficient help when your callers get stuck.

Medical reception

Many of our doctor and clinic clients use a after hours phone answering service to supplement their in-office staff. In addition to setting appointments, we can vet after hours calls to determine which ones need your staff’s immediate attention.

Legal reception

If you’re a lawyer who is in and out of court or client meetings, an answering service keeps you connected without interrupting your work. Having after-hours reception means your office is never closed. You won’t miss out on new clients.