Call Center Services

Call Center Services


iBrainX deliver robust Inbound Call Center Services and solutions. Our quality service strengthen our partnership with valued clients. iBrainX’s point of contact services derive more value from the relationships our clients have with their customers and/or their own employees and organization.

The Glance of the iBrainX headquarters where we provide inbound call center services
A sound and robust Customer Relation Management (CRM) builds customer loyalty. Quick customer answering foster improvement and adding value to customer relationships. This is how we enable organizations large and small to improve their business performance inside and out and capture the right audience . Through our integrated call center solutions we’ll partner with you to deliver improved operational effectiveness, enhanced customer and employee satisfaction and accelerated revenue growth, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

Our expertise team brings a wealth of cross-industry to drive relevant, quick and cost-effective results. Our proven proprietary call center systems and methodologies delivers significant returns on investment (ROI). Our dynamic solution set employs analytic tools and data collection to capture and integrate the data from multiple sources and deliver a holistic view for your analysis. We act on the resulting interaction insights to drive real change and improve performance.

We’ll harness all available customer information and methodically sift through business implications and drive action to tangibly improve the customer experience all while containing costs to you and our partner.


  • U.S. Based Agents
  • 24/7 Availability
  • After-Hours Support
  • Technical Support & Help Desk
  • Over-Flow Support
  • Bilingual Services Support
  • Multiple Call Center Locations
  • Order Taking Services
  • Shared or Dedicated Agents
  • Direct Response Campaigns
  • Registrations & Reservations
  • Whistleblower Hotline Service

The businesses demands in present era require that companies should provide unique and effective solutions that improve customer relationships and drive effective operating functionalities . iBrainX knows your company needs and provide solutions that enable you to deliver the highest level of service and professionalism to your customers.Our solutions are flexible enough to handle fluctuating call volumes and a wide-range of call types with ease and speed. We provide robust point of contact for many of the nation’s leading businesses. Across multiple industries to millions of people located throughout the country and around the world. We accomplish this through our comprehensive portfolio of solutions that utilize:

Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions

  • State-of-the-art contact centers located across the US
  • User-friendly automated contact solutions
  • Bilingual Answering Solutions
  • Dynamic custom designed inbound call center services
  • The industry’s most advanced contact center technologies

We are extremely skilled at seamlessly blending the right resources and services together in the right combinations to improve customer care and reduce contact center costs and achieve greater efficiency for your company. Contact us today to see how we can customize a highly effective inbound call center support program for your Organization.