A contractor needs to look after the job estimation, overseeing crews and answering the phone calls. Voice mail may be a good option but the problem is that new caller always seeks a live person to talk. iBrainX is the best call answering platform to respond immediately in a competitive environment. Being a contractor it is important to respond every single call without any delay. Missing a call is equal to miss the business or new opportunity.

iBrainX have worked for many contractors and deliver specialized contractor answering service.We respond timely, capture new leads, customize the right script just according to your business requirements. We deliver accurate message and capitalize the marketing efforts of your business. We have been providing 24/7 answering services for contractors over 20 years.

Our contractor answering services ensure:

  • Business growth by providing new market and retaining new market with highly proficient phone experience
  • Obtain important information from live calls and prioritize the callers
  • Peace of mind knowing the professional answering service is dealing your client quickly and timely
  • Customized telephone answering solution according to your business criteria

iBrainX is not only serving an answering service for contractors it’s an entire message management support system that enable contractors to run their business in an efficient and profitable manner. Find out today why thousands of contractors around the country trust iBrainX.