Customer Relationship Management

iBrainX’s web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Switchboard, is designed to be thin and deployable over a wide area network (WAN). Delivered via SaaS, Switchboard enables “go anywhere” portability with the structural advantages of a distributed client-side architecture. Integration with your existing system is easy and possible because our proprietary solution should plug right into your in-house web-based toolsets. We recognize that the world speaks through many channels, so AnswerConnect’s Switchboard integrates calls, chat, click to talk, and event-based interactions into a common interface. Cutting edge call center systems utilize advanced call-routing, and real-time CRM technology to seamlessly infuse our call center services with the live play-by-play detail of client and customer interactions.

iBrainX’s customized Switchboard CRM solution helps our clients:


  • Manage the sales process more efficiently
  • Operate seamlessly in the office or on the road
  • Coordinate customer communication across channels
  • Reduce system downtime