Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist Services


Live Virtual Receptionist Services to provide a professional phone experience to your callers.

In the present era the competition is high and technology is advanced. It’s essential to keep your customers happy and capitalize new business leads all while portraying a professional image. iBrainX provides live virtual receptionists in order to make your business operations faster,easier and hike your organization to new heights. We strive to improve your customer service offering, professionally brand your company’s phone experience, and boost your sales leads.

iBrainX has well-define a collection of highly proficient employees. They meet your business requirements by providing Bright, friendly, and helpful virtual receptionist services. iBrainX delivers live virtual receptionist services just according to the clients’ business temperament. Human nature prefers to converse with a real person who provides a personal touch that is unique and beneficial for your business. We provide extra ordinary quick response to ensure your caller customer experience is always dialed in. iBrainX has a wide variety of customized communication and interaction plans so you can pick the best virtual receptionist service that is perfect for your organization concerns.


We’ll work with you and comprehend your business in order to build a custom script that is crafted to handle your unique requirements.
iBrainX provides high flexibility in contact setting. Organizations can keep using the phone number they already have. We simply give you a number that is unique to your organization and you can forward your calls to that number any time you like. If Organization prefer, it can even publish the number we give you on your company website, marketing collateral, and online listings if you’d like us to handle all your business calls that come in from those sources.
Organizations’ live virtual employee will then answer calls in a professional manner whenever you choose and however you want. We’ll greet your callers, take accurate messages, give out information about your business that callers are seeking, book appointments, and transfer people to the correct person within your company per your call handling parameters. And we can do all of this at any time of day or night, because our virtual office receptionist services are available 24/7. So whether you are out of the office on the job, in a meeting, want some backup for your current staff or would like to provide a branded helpful phone experience for your callers after-hours we’ve got you covered.


Most of the contact providers of virtual receptionist services are located overseas or in another country. Our entire operation is based in the United States. With our team of professional receptionists organization can rest easy knowing that your callers will not ever struggle to understand the conversation as they will always get the assistance they need.
We have strategically located our offices around the United States to ensure virtually 100% ontime. No natural disasters, power outages, or severe weather will impact our ability to continue answering your phones and help your customers. Even if an event happens in your area that disrupts organizations’ normal business operations we’ll stay up and running to make sure we’ve got your back.


Whether organization has small business, a medical office, or a division of various companies. We are ready to serve you. Our live receptionist services are completely measurable and highly customized so that we can tailor the ideal fit for your organization business. Just a few of the many industries we serve include the medical profession, attorneys, property managers, contractors of all sorts, technical hardware and software support, hospitality businesses, educational institutes, and even government operations. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business solve the unique challenges you face.